Hello! I’m an avid reader with a lifelong love of books. I read fiction, non-fiction, classic literature, young adult, and more. I love the written word. As a child, when my parents offered to buy me something new, I always wanted a new book over a new toy. Reading is a passion of mine. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies.

I am a full-time mother to three children in elementary and middle school. Whenever my children are assigned or recommended a book, I read it before them.

This blog will be used to review books as I read them. Many will disagree with my critiques. I will attempt to avoid any spoilers. If a review does contain a spoiler, I will endeavor to alert readers in advance. Readers can expect to find reviews on multiple genres of literary works. I hope you find my site helpful and useful when looking for a good book to read or a book you may want to avoid!

If you have a request for a review, send me a link and I will read and review a book of your choosing!